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HepTech is dedicated to providing effective supplements to meet the demands of doctors supporting their patients in the restoration of health in liver diseases.  HepTech began in the life and body of its founder, Todd Schneider, who was born a hemophiliac. He was infected with Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B virus at 2 years old from a blood transfusion, but he did not find out that he was infected until age 30. By then, he had already developed cirrhosis. He had been taking supplements at that time of diagnosis, but the doctors were unfamiliar with their effect, and told him to stop.  His health immediately declined, and got even worse when he was given Interferon.  It was clear that his life would be short if he followed the medical recommendations, so he started doing his own research. In his search for a personal cure, he talked with doctors and patients -- anyone who claimed to have a cure for Hep C. But, before he took them seriously, he asked to see their laboratory results. Every claim of cure and every test of a new remedy, showed that virus was still present. So, he changed his strategy, and began to ask, "How can the disease be managed?" He continued his study of the scientific literature and contacted the people who had done the research. This led him to Dr. Peter Schmid, MD, PhD, a doctor, researcher, inventor who has devoted much of his life to the study of liver health and Hepatitis C.  Dr. Schmid developed a protocol to counteract the HCV- induced damage by controlling the inflammation caused the HCV infection. His goal was to stop the inflammation, that lead to cell death and fibrosis. This would allow the liver to then use its regenerative capability to restore liver function. His protocol includes phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to produce the anti-inflammatory effects. We put his theory to the test by recommending it to a cohort of patients with Hepatitis C. The results were positive; in fact, some of the stories of recovery were near-miraculous. The level of anecdotal response was so strong that we contracted with Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, a world renown researcher at the University of Alberta, to conduct an animal study to see how the liver tissue was protected on the cellular level by by the HepTech Protocol. Dr. Tyrell used mice with humanized livers (a concept he invented for the testing the efficacy of the various treatments in Hepatitis C). He conducted a placebo controlled trial of the HepTech formula in HCV infected mice.  The results were obvious to the untrained eye, and statistically significant. The HepTech protocol provided marked protection for the livers under viral attack.
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The HepTech team is dedicated to searching, finding, developing, and providing cutting edge products that produce clinical results. We are continually learning, researching, and proving new concepts for the diseases that plague the human body. Our core driver is research and proof of efficacy. We will continue to introduce new supplements and improve the quality of our current line as new research proves it actually works.
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HepTech & Research

HepTech is dedicated to research, theory, and proof of concept. The company was started to meet a personal need, but it has matured to become a support for doctors who want to use our innovative principles to help their patients. The foundation of the practice of medicine is the biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy of the body. Every pathology represents a distortion of one of these fundamental body-domains. The body is an dynamic, homeostasis-seeking, feedback-redundant machine. The body may require stimulation or sedation to return to a "normal" physiologic setpoint, which may be best achieved through macro-nutrient repletion in some cases, or minimal supplementation to optimal, and through irritant-based hormesis treatment at other times. There is no single treatment protocol that will work, for every patient. We encourage innovation, experimentation, and treating every patient as an individual.

HepTech & Holism

HepTech is dedicated to wholism -- treating the whole person, not just the disease. Of course, we cannot be with every doctor as he/she treats every patient. If it is to be successful, the HepTech protocol must fit into the ecology of the patient's life. Every patient is different, facing his/her own spectrum of considerations: toxins, diet, exercise, finances, and relationship dynamics. As a support to our doctor clientele, we can only offer advice regarding the customization of the HepTech Protocol in general theoretical terms. Still, we encourage our doctor patrons to consider the HepTech Protocol as a powerful tool to be applied in the larger context of their complex/multifactorial lives. In particular, consider the removal and replacement of:

  • Toxins -- (e.g. alcohol and acetaminophen)
  • Excessive caloric intake -- (nervous, stress related, habitual overeating)
  • Low nutrient, high calorie foods -- (e.g. large quantities of simple sugars, fried foods)
  • Exercise -- (sedentary lifestyle -- compared to that appropriate for the patient's body and fitness level)

HepTech & Education

HepTech is based on science, theory, research, and clinical practice. Many lessons have been learned over time, and we can serve our patients better if we collaborate and share our knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

  • Our blogs will be an ongoing source of discussion, Q&A interchanges to help solve clinical problems, with our staff and clients serving as resources for case discussion.
  • Our newsletter will inform you of the latest research, case studies, and theories of treatment.
  • Our video-casts will provide visual training for doctors wishing to see our presentation and educational programs.
  • Our podcasts will provide easy, on-the-go discussions with medical providers on the cutting edge of research and innovative practice on a wide variety of medicine-related topics.